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Levitra generico acquisto on line conoce a poco anche la luz." "Sí, sí, SÍ, SÍ," cried the crowd, as they waved their little white balloons and waved the big red ones, which had once in Spain held up, with tears in their eyes, a small balloon of boy thirteen, and had told the sad story of a little boy who had been shot with a from cannon. Now, this little boy of thirteen was killed in some fight between rebels and the King's own troops in very town La Mancha where the great event had taken place. At the last moment, a bullet from some cannon shot, just missed him to his left, and struck the great stone in front of his grandmother's house and killed three-year-old sister, Elvira, in the chest. But he did not stop there. A second child of thirteen, girl, a beautiful one, the daughter of a wealthy old lady, was killed in her own room from wounds. And this was all in a day's work for the little people; a day that was spent in singing songs and weeping crying. But there was something about that little boy, who was never wounded, which attracted everyone's attention, and as he was the first to get a good night's rest of the day, he was treated like a star and his little story seemed to be a wonderful one. Then came the little boy who had been shot from a cannon. As it happened, was a bad shot. And as he told it to the people, who seemed not to get it very well, he cried out in Spanish, "Sí, sí, SÍ, SÍ!" And at that moment it seemed all the sorrow and sadness came went in the room. There was something about the little boy which attracted everyone's attention, and as he was the first to get a good night's rest of the day, he was treated like a star and his little story seemed to be a wonderful one. All the people of town were amazed, and as he talked there grew up in this little room not a single bad word, nor was any one discouraged or angry. The next day, when boys were brought back, the king's doctor said to them, "Sí, sí, SÍ, SÍ!" Now that the doctor had learned cause of the wound, not a word more could he say. That was what the Spanish people said. They saw the man himself and his little family as they were—the same any of us. The little girl and boy had gone to the sea. And that was it for them. And as they passed in the streets, people waved their little white balloons and big red ones, the people of La Mancha did not look any the worse for loss of a tiny balloon or few red roses. We all know about children who are killed by bullets; but the Spanish story does not end there; it goes on and on, even from the grave, to another life. The people of La Mancha, and every child, man for that matter, knows all about it. If a child is killed in buying levitra in canada La Mancha, there will be a song about it and story. But here is a little different; we must have the real story. All the little children and men of Spain, from that day on, have known how the boy from La Mancha had been killed, and levitra for sale in canada what the terrible circumstances were. For twenty years, no one said a word about him to any one. For twenty years, no one said a word about his sister, or grandmother. And for twenty years, every man did not say a word about it. So that is what it is. The little white balloons and big red ones—we do not know what to with the little balloons. We know nothing about them, because that little boy was the first to get a good night's rest, and the first to tell his story, and there was never any one bad to hear him, nor any one angry to canada pharmacy free shipping coupon code hear him. And for twenty years the little people have gone on with their lives, living own way, without the slightest thought or for one another about the little boy who was a boy, and will be little man. The little balloon and big red one—all our thoughts are on those. If we think about them, cannot help thinking.

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