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Will tizanidine help a toothache ? What about the rest of you that read the title, and thought "Oh no, that's a terrible name for new drug because the name would sound like a drug". The story goes like pharmacy online discount voucher this: A guy went to see dental specialist in the United States with a sore tooth and, instead of an ice pack and painkiller, the dentist just prescribed tizz. Tizz is a drug that was created in a clinical setting using an injectable and then implanted into the cavity using an implant-receiving robotic device, and it's supposed to work in exactly the valacyclovir hcl 1 gram tablet opposite way to your conventional dentist: as a painkiller. Now, it's not the least bit surprising that such a simple drug was valacyclovir 1 gram tablets deemed effective, it's also not a surprise that someone would try and patent it to make the next mega-drug, but fact that it was Montelukast in uk done in a clinical setting, and was then put on the market like that and marketed as an 'alternative' to regular toothpaste, is a little concerning. As far I'm aware, no one tried to patent it before was used in a medical way. The US Food and Drug Administration granted the patent on October 1st, and, as of yet, it hasn't been used in dentistry — even though it's apparently 'proven to be safe and effective in patients with toothache'. No reason was given for this, just that it was approved 'in an indication that has not yet been approved.' That's actually quite a generous term, and it would take a whole lot of very convincing for anyone to argue against such a patent application. Tizz is certainly a different kind of toothpaste to the usual stuff you get your teeth brushed with — and I'd be rather sceptical about recommending it in these circumstances to anyone, but I wouldn't think it a dangerous one to use. And I'd be far more hesitant about prescribing it than I'd ever be to prescribe anti-perspirants or other similar 'alternative' medicines. The patent has expired, and no one's using it in dental cases, but I'm sure the US Federal Trade Commission are already in there combing through the paperwork for that particular product. In the meantime, we can at least keep the name. other thing to remember is that 'drug' a bit broad. It could mean 'anything you put in the mouth', and even toothpaste there are substances other than anti-perspirants being prescribed, so it makes more sense to make the distinction between what makes a drug versus medicine. For that matter, the name tizanidine is rather misleading, as the drug does nothing like that. It helps to relax muscles, reduce muscle tension, it decreases body temperature, calms the nerves, it reduces anxiety in the body — it works just as well in medicine it does dentistry. For that reason, I think it's good that Tizz is no valacyclovir hydrochloride tablets usp longer available in dentistry — but the question that you still need to ask yourself, is that just a good thing? Are you comfortable with other drugs in the medical profession being called drugs if they help and prevent pain discomfort? Do you have a problem with dentists prescribing the word 'drug' for any other purpose than to distinguish a medication from sugar to stimulate your body? What's your view? Further Read, 'Why people need to learn the difference between medication and medicine,' by Ben Goldacre in the BMJ Follow Dr Helen Greason @helen_greason Follow Dr Helen Greason on Twitter @helen_greason.

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