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Hello World!
If you're interested in learning the internals of jQuery, checkout jQuery Reference. jQuery is a polyfill for the entire ECMAScript specifications. It is licensed under the BSD 2 clause license (or later for newer browsers). Why jQuery? Well, here is what some people have said to me: "What I like about jQuery so far is it's easy to learn and gives you the best result with smallest amount of code" This is true. When you are only using a small amount.

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Diclofenac sodium topical gel over the counter in a single-agent application was performed on one subject without any additional analgesics. In this single-agent application of diclofenac sodium topical gel over the counter, one subject began to have a severe headache and experienced decreased vision after 6 h. A second subject also began to have a severe headache after 6 h, but no visual impairment or acuity change was observed. In a second study, 20 subjects with migraine experienced headache pain and visual impairment with 1, 2, or 4.5 mg per day diclofenac topical gel (200 mg per day diclofenac topical gel) over the counter. Visual impairment and headache were treated with analgesics. However, after 7 days, some subjects appeared to have recovered from their headaches. DISCUSSION Numerous reports suggest that diclofenac topical gel will improve pain and/or decrease nausea associated with acute migraine, particularly within the first 24 to 72 h after migraine onset (1-12). Diclofenac topical gel is commonly applied to the Metformin liquid australia skin relieve pain and nausea associated with migraine. However, some people may use this topical solution on the scalp to treat their migraine headache. A possible risk associated with diclofenac topical gel use without adequate analgesia includes development of intrasynovascular hemorrhage (13, 14) and, possibly, systemic vasoconstriction when given to women of childbearing potential (15, 16). Given these reported risks with diclofenac topical gel, the FDA recommends that diclofenac topical gel be prescribed only by a doctor with experience prescribing other medications for migraine headache, particularly people with a history of migraines. We previously reported a case report where diclofenac topical gel was used without adequate analgesia and resulted in intraparenchymal hemorrhage, a sign of serious drug reaction (17). The most common adverse reactions were mild to moderate headache and nausea, but the most serious adverse reactions included hyperkalemia, serotonin syndrome, and thrombotic episodes in association with diclofenac topical gel therapy when was used inappropriately. In the present study, incidence of intraparenchymal, or peripheral blood, hemorrhage in one of the 20 migraine patients treated with 0.2% diclofenac gel had a positive correlation, suggesting that intraparenchymal hemorrhage may occur in susceptible individuals (16). Diclofenac topical gel applied at a single-agent dose to the skin did not lead to bleeding as strongly the use of diclofenac gel at a 2- or 4-agent dose (i.e., 0.2% 4.5% diclofenac gel). In the gel treatment protocol used in the present investigation, diclofenac topical gel was applied at a single-agent dose of 200 mg over the course of 6 h. However, the results of dose-and duration-response studies in the two discussed above indicate that the risk of accidental (i) diclofenac topical gel intraparenchymal bleeding and (ii) intracranial hemat.

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